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The man of this combination is confident, resolute and very emotional. Impatient, excited and full of enthusiasm: striving to make the world better. So sincere and simple-hearted that the people immediately understand his mood. He does not know how to lie, except he likes to brag. Honest, open Sagittarius-Rooster does not consider it necessary to pretend.

Saggitarius - ROMEO

He cherishes the opinion of people close to him, appreciates friends, but will not surrender to anybody, trying to gain mercy. The main feature of the Sagittarius-Rooster sign is straightness. Without hesitation, says what he thinks, regardless of the reaction of others. She loves to argue, she proves her point of view with inspiration.

Easily makes ill-wishers and enemies, and sincerely puzzled: how did you deserve such an attitude to yourself? Such is the nature of the Rooster-Sagittarius: irrepressible energy, enthusiasm and honesty. People should be sympathetic to the characteristics of his character, the more he does not want anyone to be evil.

Gay Libra Man and Gay Sagittarius Man

The good-natured, sympathetic Rooster-Sagittarius genuinely empathizes with people. It differs not only sincere, but also financial generosity.

With a willingness to share with people all that he has. Although he enjoys praise, but helps not out of self-interest, but at the behest of the soul. Sometimes the breadth of the soul hinders the realization of his plans. Too active, active, takes several cases at once, as a result — chaos and confusion.

Rooster-Sagittarius is not inclined to experience, calmly refers to failure. He believes in himself and does not lose a positive attitude, even if things do not turn out very well. Rarely sad: there are so many interesting things in life. Emotional, temperamental Sagittarius-Rooster falls in love once and for all, at least, he thinks so.

Dreams of an ideal relationship, but very often disappointed in his partner. Rooster-Sagittarius is attracted by new meetings, vivid impressions.

An Overview of Sun Sign Characteristics for Sagittarius

He just can not stay focused on one partner for a long time. Read, reflect and be inspired. If you find something of value on our Leo compatibility page, enjoy its gifts and please pass it on to your friends. February 19 - March Home About Dr.

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Privacy Policy. Leo and Sagittarius Love Matches Optimistic, extroverted Sagittarius captivates Leo and Leo impresses with their fun-loving attitude to life and love. Straight Relationships Leo Man — Sagittarius Woman You share a tremendous amount of vigour and drive, and two massive egos blended make for one of the power couples of the zodiac. Leo Woman — Sagittarius Man Your union has elements of formality, enveloped in etiquette and played by the rules.

Gay Relationships Leo Man — Sagittarius Man Life and love become one big game for you two high-rolling, audacious men. They have a tendency to get over zealous when they are interested in something. They are believers, and what they believe in, they are willing to fight for.

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S agittarians are usually modest and often spiritual, with strong values. They like rituals, and sometimes can get caught up in form, rather than substance. They are profound thinkers, and are gifted with foresight and good judgment. Witty conversationalists and story tellers, they do have the gift of gab. They are avid learners, love to initiate new projects and make great researchers.

Sagittarius man personality traits and characteristics

They are quick studies, with keen minds. They have an expectant attitude and a penchant for new experiences, which may account for the fact that Sagittarians are noted for their longevity. They are often intuitive and original thinkers. Better at adapting than inventing, they work well in collaboration with others. A strong-will and good organization ability combined with their other talents usually bring any project they undertake to a successful conclusion. I go from one area of the Studio to another and gather pollen and sort of stimulate everybody.

I guess that's the job I do. T he vices to which Sagittarius is prone are anger—they tend to flare up over trifles, and impatience—they want to rush every new project through immediately and can be too demanding. They are quick to jump on inadequacies of others while expecting full recognition of their own efforts. This is not to say that they do not deserve the recognition. In completing a major project Sagittarius will sacrifice everything else before it.

Often, though, they can be exacting, and inconsiderate in their work life, while boastful and extravagant in their private lives. The great achiever or the wastrel. There is also a side of the Sagittarian that is quite superstitious, and reading into signs and portents would not be uncommon.

The Sagittarius love of sports often leads to an indulgence in dangerous pursuits.


O f all the planets within our solar system, Mercury is nearest to the Sun. There is a direct correspondence to this fact in the mapping of an individual's birth chart. I t is likely that you will be able to determine where Mercury was at the time of your birth without consulting an astrologer. By reading the three potential profiles, it is often uncanny how clearly one of them will fit to us. I thought you would enjoy trying this out for yourself. I am always interested to know what you think and discover.

Feel welcome to write! Material is currently being developed on the other planets. If you are interested, we would be pleased to keep you updated on their progress. S agittarians are versatile people and can be found in a number of professions. They are by nature teachers and philosophers.

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Nothing is better play to a Sagittarian than expounding on the moral principles, laws and ideas that explain the universe. Through these traits they serve well as theologians or scientists. They are also suited to the law, politics, public service or social administration.

Taurus & Sagittarius: Love Compatibility

Being natural communicators, they do well in public relations or advertising.