Rahu upay indian astrology

Rahu gives a lot of malefic results during its Dasha or transit. The person under the influence of Rahu does not take much interest in religious acts and spirituality.

Rahu Graha Shanti, Remedies to Rahu

Rahu is one of the malefic planets. Sage Prashara had suggested chanting the Mantra 18, times. This mantra should be chanted at least times in one sitting. While reciting mantra one should sit with face towards the south-western direction. It is advisable to have an image of the Lord Ganesha in front while reciting. This mantra will help native face difficulties in life due to adverse Rahu functioning.

Dasha of Rahu is said to be the Dasha of mental sufferings.

Vedic Remedies for Rahu

When the planet is not giving favourable results during transit, you should bathe with its products. Put Guggul in the bathing water and bathe with it. Meditate on the Lord Rahu at the time of bathing.

Bathe with the normal water after this. If you perform this remedy regularly then you will be free from the malefic influence of Rahu. The remedy also arouses interest in worship and religious activities.

Rahu Mahadasha Effects & Remedies

You can donate copper or black sesame on Saturday for the auspiciousness of Rahu. You can donate these products to a temple or to a person in need. Buy and donate the products as per your capability. Reciting the Mantra of Rahu during transit helps you reap positive fruits. Chant the Mantra on a fixed time when you can do it comfortably. You should recite only one Mantra in a day. You can start reciting after fixing time and place for chanting. Recite one Mantra for times or more than times in a day.

You can establish Yantra of Rahu with the help of a priest. Make 9 boxes in this Yantra and write 13, 8, 15 in the first three partitions, 14, 12 and 10 in the middle three partitions and 9, 16, 11 in the last three partitions. Herbs like basil, eucalyptus can be used for controlling negative energies of Rahu.

Ill Effect of Rahu and the Remedies | Ancient Astronomy | Hindu Astrology

Basil is the queen of all herbs. There are plants related to Rahu like garlic and onion that increase the energy of Rahu. Donating these food items help in reducing the ill effects of Rahu. Black Gram is also associated with Rahu. Feeding this to ants, birds and animals helps in propitiating Rahu. Among oils, Rahu is associated with mustard and linseed oils. Using these oils for personal cooking or donating it to the poor will help in propitiating Rahu.

Aromas of camphor, wintergreen are helpful. Sandalwood is considered the most ideal fragrance for Rahu. Another image has Rahu riding a lion with four arms; one hands holding a trident, second holding a sword, third holding a discus and finally fourth granting blessings. Fifth House: Loss of semen, lack of progeny, health problems to father, elder brother and self. Earnings through undesirable means. Sixth House: Chronic illness, stomach ulcer, acidity, losses through thefts and fire, threat of imprisonment, disputes and disturbed family life.

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Seventh House: Extra marital relationships, ill health to self and spouse, venereal diseases, skin diseases, problems to brothers and resorting to corrupt practices and gambling. Eighth House: Accidents, involvement in scandals, family disputes, separation, piles, eye troubles and loss of domestic peace. Ninth House: Problems to self, father, children and younger brothers. Makes one totally immoral.

One resorts to vices and gambling. Tenth House: Causes termination due to use of corrupt practices, destroys assets, problems of blood pressure and makes the native a liar. Eleventh House: Income through corrupt practices, spoils health of spouse and troubled marital relations. Native uses unfair means and operates in a deceptive way. Twelfth House: Makes one an addict and gambler, threat of imprisonment, losses and expenses, problem of hypertension, thoroughly troubled domestic peace. Transit influence of Rahu is more or less indicative of troubles and tensions.

The impact is felt with respect to the following :.

The significations of the houses where mooltrikona signs of the troubled planets are placed. The general significations of the afflicted planet. The general significations of the house where the afflicted planet is placed. Rahu's close involvement with Venus gives an urge for carnal pleasures in the early stages of life and enjoyments through smoking and drinking, intoxication through other means, etc.

Rahu's close involvement with the most effective points of the seventh, third, fifth and eighth houses takes one to premarital carnal pleasures and love affairs only for physical gratification. Rahu's close affliction to both Mercury and the weak Moon in the eighth or twelfth houses makes one a drug addict. I am sure readers will derive benefits from this in delineating the postures of Rahu in a particular nativity more clearly.

Gains through investments are ruled by the fifth house. For these two aspects there are no alternate houses and if there is no mooltrikona sign then the houses are studied for other influences on these houses through occupation and aspects. Speculation is ruled by Rahu.

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Its intensity may be increasing with increasing of the influence of Rahu in a particular chart. The simultaneous impact of Mercury may inovlve the person in speculation of stocks and shares.

The simultaneous impact of Mars may involve the person in speculation in properties. Rahu rules greed, speculation, gambling, impersonification, misrepresentation, selfishness, cheating, manufacuring of spurious articles, copying and manipulations.

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The gains obtained employing the means signified are short lived and bring losses ultimately giving lot of pain to the person. If the fourth, second, third, fifth and tenth houses are strong then the gains obtained by the person may be comparatively for longer duration but are ultimately lost. The difficultives and obstructions can be grave if: i its location is near MEP ii its movement is stationary. Transit Influence of Rahu Transit influence of Rahu is more or less indicative of troubles and tensions.

The impact is felt with respect to the following : 1.