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Many people claim that Astrology has no scientific backing and therefore cannot provide "real" help to humanity. I was stunned to see that this assertion in The Christian Science Monitor , a news organization owned by a church. There is no scientific proof of the resurrection of Christ, and yet the teaching of Jesus can still inspire love and compassion. There is no archeological proof of the Exodus, and yet millions live and die by the teaching of Moses.

There is no evidence to support Muhammad's nightly flight on a winged horse from Mecca to Jerusalem.

Does Astrology Work? | Isha Sadhguru

However, the holiest shrine for Islam, the Dome of the Rock, was built to commemorate that event on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. For hundreds of years, help and healing has been provided by systems that have no scientific proof. The power of belief is undeniable. Handled in the right way, Astrology can help guide us to a better future. Over the last 15 years, I have seen Astrology prove herself again and again in remarkable ways to clients of all ages, races, nationalities and genders.

10 Online Sidereal Astrology Resources for the Confused Westerner

I can only hope that she will do for you what she has done for me and thousands of others. In the words of Carl Jung, "Obviously Astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident. News U.

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    Like Like. I would refer my practice as Western Sidereal.

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    You are commenting using your Facebook account. This was not just talk: state universities and colleges got big grants from the government to offer post-graduate degrees, including PhDs in astrology; research in vastu shastra, meditation, faith-healing, cow-urine and priest-craft was promoted with substantial injections of public money. Nearly every important discovery of modern science was read back into Hindu sacred books: explosion of nuclear energy became the awesome appearance of God in the Bhagvat Gita; the indeterminacy at quantum level served as confirmation of Vedanta; atomic charges became equivalent to negative, positive and neutral gunas, or moral qualities; the reliance of experience and reason in science became the same thing as reliance on mystical experience, and so on.

    Contemporary theories of physics, evolution and biology were wilfully distorted to make it look as if all of modern science was converging to affirm the New Age, mind-over-matter cosmology that follows from Vedantic monism.

    Moon-Landing Hoax Still Lives On, 50 Years After Apollo 11. But Why?

    Science and 'Vedas' were treated as just different names for the same thing. On the one hand, the BJP and its allies presented themselves as great champions of science, as long as it could be absorbed into 'the Vedas,' of course. On the other hand, they aggressively condemned the secular and naturalistic worldview of science--the disenchantment of nature--as 'reductionist,' 'Western' or even 'Semitic,' and therefore un-Hindu and un-Indian.

    Michael Shermer debunked by Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong on his own show

    Science yes, and technology yes, but a rational-materialist critique of Vedic idealism no--that became the mantra of Hindutva. Why this overeagerness to claim the support of science?

    Should we even talk about it?

    There is a modernizing impulse in all religions to make the supposedly timeless truths of theology acceptable to the modern minds raised on a scientific sensibility. But while Christian fundamentalists in America indulge in creationism primarily to get past the constitutional requirement for a separation of church and state, in India it is motivated by ultra-nationalism, Hindu chauvinism and the nationalist urge to declare Hinduism's superiority as the religion of reason and natural law over Christianity and Islam, which are declared to be irrational and faith-based creeds.

    Contemporary Hindu nationalists are carrying on with the neo-Hindu tradition of proclaiming Hinduism as the universal religion of the future because of its superior 'holistic science' as compared to the 'reductionist science' of the West. Besides, it is easier to sell traditions and rituals, especially to urban, upwardly mobile men, if they have the blessings of English-speaking 'scientific' gurus.

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