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Twelve Signs of the Western Astrology. Hi, Kimberly, you are smart and kind. Thus you would have a large chance to have a bright future.

It is suggested to study hard at school and learn more skills. Find your interested things and stick on it. Good luck!

Generally speaking, there won't have ups and downs in all aspects of life. You need to work harder and harder to make some breakthroughs in career. Then you will get a chance to have promotion or increased salary. On March 5, communicator Mercury enters Pisces, shifting your focus from fun to responsibility. Using your time more efficiently will be a theme during this time, and you'll need to make some rearrangements to your schedule. Have you recently begun flirting with someone special or maybe working on a creative project with someone who really inspires you? During Mercury's transit through let's be real, sometimes flakey Pisces, you'll learn whether or not they can match you in terms of organization and effort.

One of the lessons Water sign Pisces brings is regarding boundaries— you're super diplomatic, Libra, and you want to make sure everyone's happy, but don't let others walk all over you!

March 2 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope

Keep your boundaries firm, and fuck doing all the work for someone else! Also on March 5, warrior Mars enters Fire sign Sagittarius, which will activate the sector of your chart that rules logic and communication. You're already one of the most intelligent and interesting signs of the zodiac, and having Mars energize this area of your chart will make you extra sharp and curious— if you've been feeling bored lately, you won't be after the 5th.

Sagittarius is a sign famous for having a big mouth, so expect lots of juicy gossip to start rolling in. If you've been feeling bored lately, you won't be after March 5. On March 8, we have a new moon solar eclipse in Pisces! This will bring lots of focus to your daily routine: Your day job, how you take care of yourself This is definitely the time to focus on breaking bad habits.

Libra, March 2016

Eclipses bring surprises, and no one wants to deal with something unexpected concerning their schedule, day job, or their health, so focus on taking care of yourself, Libra! Quit smoking! See a therapist! Go for a walk! The Sun in Pisces will also oppose the planet of abundance and exaggeration, Jupiter, in analytical Earth sign Virgo today, so really think about how you can find balance in your life and purge the bad crap from your day. A huge change could take place where you work—perhaps a new boss will be coming in.

On March 12, Venus enters Pisces. Because Venus is your ruling planet, we know that whenever it changes signs, you'll be able to feel it in your life. Pisces is a very sensitive, empathetic Water sign; during this transit, focusing on your health and your habits would be a great way to work the energy. You'll be especially sensitive to psychic vampires, so keep those boundaries we talked about strong. Focus on self-care, Libra, and reflect on how you can make small improvements to bring big changes to your everyday life.

Although you have a need and desire to be successful, you know when to close the doors and come home.

You do things in one day most people never dream of doing but you like to do things your way. This is what makes you a Pisces. Your birthday characteristics show you are impeccable and you radiate charm and confidence.

March 2nd Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Pisces - Part 1

Your thinking is on point as your instincts are stirring in your gut. Nothing can surprise you when you are like this. Those born on March 2nd can find solutions to problems perhaps in unusual sources. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

Born October 2 – If Today Is Your Birthday

You have so many talents foretells your astrology by birthday analysis. If you are unemployed at the moment, there is no need to worry. Pisces born, you would do well in human resources, in law enforcement, and in the health care field. You are highly motivated to learn and to teach.

When you are working, it tends to be of an obsessive nature. Test Now!

Venus enters Aquarius

Pisces March 2 birthday people, live to make their dreams a reality. You dig so hard for months and then you reset yourself by rest, relaxation and fun. Pisceans work hard; play hard. You have a natural time clock that tells you when you have done too much. Those with this zodiac birthday are sometimes bothered with sleeplessness, emotional stress or exhaustion.

Your diet should contain plenty of water to flush toxins, grains, and vegetables. Pisceans are likely to indulge in herbal teas rather than sodas or alcoholic beverages.