Lorient le jour junior horoscope

I am lucky to be pampered by my mother who sends food to the office, such as kibbeh bi laban. In Paris, my cook, who travels with me, also serves a variety. I like to start with a crab salad, followed by Lebanese dishes like sayadiyeh or burghul. I crave desserts, such as cheesecake, but I do my best not to be tempted.

I am not a diet freak but I try to be healthy, though sometimes I overeat when a temptation is staring me right in the face. I like a woman with character and confidence, regardless of their age, shape or size German model Toni Garrn was revealed as the new face of Elie Saab Le Parfum this week in Paris. Does it sound strange if I tell you that my work is my hobby? It is seriously the case. I always look for inspiration, check latest trends, think of different gowns. So even if I have a day off, I am working, otherwise the day seems endless and I feel frustrated.

« Je ne suis pas un touriste » - L'Orient-Le Jour

I usually leave around 8pm, though before collections not until 2am. I admit I am a workaholic, and being around my team gives me more energy and better productivity. I would feel very guilty throwing out my ideas and leaving them working all night without assistance.

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When there are no plans, I go home, do a few phone calls with family and friends, have a light dinner, usually a grilled halloumi sandwich and salad, and briefly watch TV — Fashion TV or a comedy — then straight to bed. Ferrara Google Scholar. Cassini, [Jacques] Elem.

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Lorient le jour junior horoscope

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