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In this chart the Moon is very powerful and also supported by its wide conjunction with Jupiter, which indicates an increased strength and benefit for the querent. I judged that it was a good placement for this election. Venus, representing the querent, is in the 11th house of hopes and friends, and while. Having dignity ensures strength for the client and her capacity to influence the situation in the desired direction. The official in charge at her work place is shown by the 10th house and its Lord Saturn L10 placed in Libra in the 6th house.

Saturn is well dignified in Libra but weak by its placement in the 6th house, which I took as a sign that my client is stronger by position than the boss, and she will have stronger impact on this situation. Venus is applying to a trine with Saturn, with mutual reception, that is both Venus is in the sign of Saturn, and Saturn is in the sign of Venus making them very receptive and favorably disposed to each other. In other words, the boss is going to be receptive to the client application.

It is important that the trine between Venus and Saturn is going to occur in the future, rather than the past, because future aspects show how this situation will develop. The trine will perfect in 11 degrees or units of time. These indications point to a relatively slow resolution of her query, at least 11 months, but because of the cardinal placement of Saturn, it will be shorter than 11 months.

I thought that the process would take 11 weeks or about 3 months. The client had been waiting for almost 6 months with no news on her re-ranking.

Elections and the Art of Choosing Times | 1. Dorothean Foundations

What is the most important moment? Are there multiple beginnings, or just one? Opening doors for business for the first time. Leaving your house for a trip.

Focus on the moment of the most symbolic importance. Sometimes consider the conception versus birth issue from natal astrology. Ask yourself if this is a conception moment or a birth moment? Philosophical Views on the Difference Electing Can Make May give you an edge, help something go more positively you were already going to do. Sometimes it helps just knowing what the outcome will be when you initiate an action.

General Approaches to Electional Astrology 1 Making chart as positive as possible overall based on fundamental astrological rules. We usually do 1, while also paying attention to general significator and house of topic. Some ventures involve multiple houses, can be tough to make everything great at once. Optimize the good things, and try to minimize the bad or challenging things.

There are no perfect charts. Electional is the art of learning how to prioritize what is most important.

Electional Astrology - Medieval Astrology Guide

June 1 — August 15, Between AM and PM. The more restrictions, the harder it is for you the astrologer. Fewer options. The fewer restrictions, the more work, because there are too many options. Only consider elections that fall within your available time frame. Anything outside of your available time frame does not matter. Ignore it. The challenge and skill of electional is learning how to make the best of what you have.

The Ruler of the Ascendant Ruler of the Ascendant and Moon are two most important factors in any election In our approach these two must be well-placed. The Ascendant, 1st house, and ruler of 1st represent the one who initiates the action.

Primary planet that represents what was started at the inception of the venture. That which emerges or is born at that moment. We use whole sign houses , and traditional rulerships. Ensure that the ruler of the Ascendant is well-placed in your electional chart. Dignified by sign domicile, exaltation, or mutual reception, ideally. Angular or in a good house that aspects the Ascendant. Aspected by benefics Venus and Jupiter. Free from hard aspects from malefics Mars and Saturn. Applying aspects indicate the future, separating aspects the past.

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The Moon The Moon is the second most important significator in any electional chart. It acts as a general significator for the election as a whole. Ensure that the Moon is well-placed in the chart. In a good sign and house. Ruler of the Moon also in a good house. Old rule that Moon indicates the beginning, but the ruler the outcome. Applying to benefics. Not applying to hard aspects with malefics.

Angular Houses Planets in angular houses are more prominent and active in your electional chart. Emphasize benefics by making them more angular Minimize malefics, by making them less angular.


Angular here means by whole sign house primarily, and secondarily by quadrant house. Whole signs for topics primarily, and quadrant houses for activity. A chart was set up for the present time and location, then from that point the chart was altered. This was done by changing the time estimating the speed of the planets and shifting of the house cusps until the most satisfactory chart was found within the specified time frame. Recalculations done, the new chart was drawn and studied to make sure it was advantageous to the client.

Electional Astrology

The first step in electional astrology is to set up the chart making sure the angles are well fortified and the significators are well placed in their dignities. The Moon should be strong and fortunate. This is the common theme in all electional charts.

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Of course each election will emphasize different houses and planets. For example when doing an election for moving you want the Moon in a fixed sign giving strength and stability , increasing in light and in good aspect with fortunate fixed stars in the fourth house or Ascendant, the ruler of the 2nd house should be strong and above the earth. One of the most popular electional charts among my clients in the U. There is a specific time frame, January 1 thru April 15, unless the person wishes to file for an extension.

Usually by the time people have prepared their tax return or had an accountant perform this service, it is March. The time frame is narrowed considerably to about 45 days. In this chart the Moon gets the most consideration, if possible it should be in conjunction or good aspect , with reception, to the planet that represents the government organization.

This could be the ruler of the 10th house or the Sun, or that planet which is in aspect with the Moon in the Ascendant, 10th or 11th. If this is not possible let it be in the 3rd, 5th or 9th, but this is not as favorable. Make sure that the Moon is not in Gemini or Pisces where it tends to be weak.

Another common one is "when to buy the house".

Electional Astrology : Time for Every Purpose under Heaven

These rules are pretty well set down so the chart can be set up in an orderly manner:. The Ascendant, its ruler and the planet that the Moon has just separated from represent the buyer. A fixed sign should be on the Ascendant. The 7th represents the seller, its ruler and the first planet the Moon applies to represent him. The ruler of the 7th should apply to, or be in reception with, the ruler of the Ascendant. If there are malefic or weak planets in the 7th this can cause deceit and malice from the 7th house matters or people laborers on the land, renters, etc.

The 4th represents the land or house to be purchased, this includes the ruler of the 4th, planets in the 4th and the Moon itself. Make sure to strengthen the 4th house, its ruler and the planets in that house.