An astrologers day analysis

One of these elements is conflict. Conflict is the problems that characters face throughout a story that keeps the plot moving.

The two kinds of conflict, internal and external, are found throughout this story as well as the character's resolution to the conflict. The conflicts of "An Astrologer Day" allow us to go deep inside the characters and relate to how they feel and the problems they face.

An Astrologer's Day by Gage Massey on Prezi

One of the first conflicts in this story involves the main character, the Astrologer. People think he is a fake and therefore don't partake in his study and in attending his tent. He also has problems with the neighboring vendors. This is an example of external conflict against society and its struggles. The Astrologer finally has a chance to resolve this conflict when Guru Nayak trusts him enough to pay for a reading.

After giving the reading, the Astrologer goes home with the money and his wife overjoyed says "I can buy some jaggery and coconut tomorrow Another conflict involves Guru Nayak, the other main character in this story. Nayak wants to find out who attacked him and get revenge against the person. This is an external conflict although sometimes when the emotions get to him, it might turn internal.

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A Literary Review of an Astrologer's Day, a Short Story by R. K. Narayan

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Short Story - An Astrologer's Day by author R. K. Narayan - Complete story and analysis in HINDI

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